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Sophisticated Souls Of Learning Book Club

2004 -- 2005 Reading List

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2004 -- 2005 Reading List
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This is what we read in 2004:

Jan.-The Hatwearer's Lesson by Yolanda Joe

Feb.- Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston

Mar.-Heaven Must Be Like This by Brenda Joyce Nichols

April- Shades of  Jade by Gloria Mallette

May-Mama by Terry McMillan

June-The Hearts of Men by Travis Hunter

July- Sacrifice The One by Monica Carter

August- Lovin' You Is Wrong by Alisha Yvonne

Sept.- Nervous by Zane and Mad Shambles  by Kiki Swinson

October- Dark Corners by Brandon Massey

November- A Love So Strong by Kendra Norman Bellamy

December- NO MEETING

2005 Reading List:
February: The Preacher's Son by Carl Weber
March: Passion's Promise by Christine Townsend
April: Scandalous by ReChella
May: Babylon Sisters and My Daughters Boyfriend
June: G-Spot by Noire
July: Drama Queen by LaJill Hunt
August: Passion Marks by Lee Hayes
September: Going Broke by Trista Russell
October: The Million Dollar Divorce by RM Johnson
November: Dutch by Terri Woods
December: NO MEETING


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