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BOOK REVIEWS 1--2001-2002
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BOOK REVIEWS 1--2001-2002
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These reviews are given by the members. 2001-2002

IS IT A CRIME I just finished reading the book "Is It A Crime" a different type of love story by Roy Glenn. I enjoyed this book, the author kept me interested as to what would happen next. There was tenderness portrayed even by Mike, who had the nickname of Vicious Mike, because he would kill people, seeminly without remorse. His true love, Shy(Cassandra Sims), was a Drug dealer, she loved him too. Now Mike is no Angel, he and his Business Partners have made sound investments and have lots of money to live the good life. Hopefully we will read this one, great for discussion.
Review Given by Betty Settles--Secretary
Healing the Breach by Rosalind Stormer
I really enjoyed this book.  The book is quite different from any other book
I've read.  The reason it's different is because of the bible scriptures throughout the book ( I like that).  It's both a Christian and contemporary fiction novel.  The book is about a 20 year friendship between Jana and Grace, and the negative things that have happened between the two of them.  What I like most about the book is how the author does not go from character to character throughout the book.  Instead, the author tells Jana's story in chapters 1-7 and Grace's story in chapters 8-13.  I feel most everyone will be able to relate to this book.  This book has helped me to forgive, understand, and learn to pray for friends, family and co-workers who have not been nice to me.
On a scale of 1-5, I give "Healing the Breach" a 4.  I look forward to reading more books by Rosalind Stormer.
Review given by  Collean Payne--Corresponding Seceretary
Somebody's Knocking At My Door by Francis Ray
I enjoyed reading Somebody's Knocking At My Door. It was a triumphant love story of three couples that illustrates how you can find peace in the present from a troubled past. Kristen Wakerfield who is from a loving and solid family finds love with Rafe Crawford a loner, who feels he has a meaningless life due to an abusive father. Angelique Fleming who was abandoned by her father at an early age and sent to several foster homes finds love with Damien Broussard an upscale lawyer. Claudette Laurent a middle-aged heir of (family) insurance brokerage firm, finds love with Jacques Broussard a widower, and owner of an art gallery and father of Damien Broussard.
Review given by Betta Pruitt--Vice President
Shades of Black by Terrance Johnson
I enjoyed reading Shades of Black because of the connection that it had with the BIBLE. Throughout the book it had several bible scriptures in it. The main character in the book is Melvin, who is a decent African American man. He went through a lot of rough times in his life, but he kept his focus on CHRIST and everything worked out fine for him. I am looking forward to reading more by Mr. Johnson. On a scale of 1-5, I give it a 4. When reading this book it will show you how far a little prayer will get you.
Review given by Sherita Nunn--Founder/President
Love Don't Come Easy by Alex Hairston
This is a story about a young man in high school, written from his point of view. I don't ever remember reading a book about young people from a two (2) parent successful life style. I enjoyed reading about the relationships that this young man had with his classmates and even his love and lust relationships, a secret he kept even from his boys. He was a mentor for inner-city children and he wrote poetry. I recommend this book for young people from the age of 15 to 21 and it could be a good discussion for a book club.
 Review given by Betty Settles--Secretary