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Reviews 6--2004
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I reviewed INSIGHT and could not put it down.  I love a good mystery-thriller novel.
As I read the book--it really had me in suspense--I kept trying to figure out how Samantha and Rachael were linked together.  I also loved the part where her family was very protective of her.  But when she took off and flew to New York by herself--being blind-trying to find out what happened to Rachael--I was just knocked off my feet.  The twists and turns of the novel really had me going. (Also with her playing the part of Rachael which was brave of her.) It is definitely a page turner and a must read for a book clubs--I am suggesting that my book club read this novel.  I commend you on doing such a wonderful job with the novel and I really think a movie should be made out of it.  I give INSIGHT a thumbs up and will also recommend it to my friends.
Review given by Vanessa Cofield--4-24-04
Sugar & Spice by Keith Lee Johnson
Sugar & Spice is a very exciting book that is full of suspense and drama. I read that book in less than 24 hours because I wasn't able to put it down. It will take you on a "thrilling" journey with the F.B.I. agents who tries to figure out who is responsible for all the murders. It has a remarkable ending that will not only shock you, but leave you wondering could that have really happened. It is a must read for all book clubs and anyone who is a fan of mystery novels. I am looking forward to reading more by Mr. Johnson.
Review given by Sherita Nunn 4-27-04
Entangled by K. Elliott
A suspenseful novel that is sure to be a page turner. This is one book that I could possibly read over. Entangled is full of twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I am looking forward to reading more from Mr. Elliott.

Sacrifice the One by Monica P. Carter
After years of trying to receive her daddy's love and being pushed away, Seta goes out and search for love the hard way. She is the star player on her shool's basketball team and she is also a straight A student, but that doesn't mean anything to Seta. So Seta starts confusing lust from young men as love and was experiencing heartache after heartache. Seta keeps her head up and eventually becomes a very successful person. This book was different from anything that I have read in a while. It gets you to take a closer look at what it feels like to be neglected by a parent and losing those that are close to you from a child's point of view.
Perils of the Heart by K. Patrick Abrams
In his debut novel, the author takes you on an emotional journey through the lives of 4 individuals who's worlds have been turned upside down.
When Miles a very handsome and caring man who claims he loves his wife Tyler let's one night of passion and a very precious gift from his wife turn his life completely around. He would soon learn that what happens in the dark will come into the light.
Tyler who thought she had the perfect marriage finds evidence of the unsuspecting night that happened 5 years ago. Feeling sad and confused, she goes to confront the woman her husband had the one night stand with. That brief encounter determines the fate of her marriage.
Franklin, a retired military officer is seperated from his family, whom he loves dearly because of a terrible thing that happend to him as a child.
Clarissa, who doesn't fully understand what her husband went through when he was a child, decides to put her husband out instead of sitting down and talking with him.
Each character learns a lot about themselves and each other. This is a story about love, forgiveness and understanding.



This is a Christian romance fiction story of how true love stands the test of time. Faith Alexander and David Karlson have been friends since college. After sixteen years of separation each carries a special place in their heart for the other. Faith is an African-American female holding her own in the corporate world. David Karlson has gone off to peruse his ambitions as an entrepreneur all over the world. They reunite after sixteen years, of communicating occasionally, and find they’re still attracted to each other, and each has accepted Christ in their lives.

Other characters in the book are Charleta (Faith’s best friend) she endures crisis in her marriage after giving up her career as director of nursing. Her husband Stonewall made partner at a major law firm and she opted to be a stay-at-home mom for her three sons.

Thaddeus (Faith’s administrative assistant) who’s very intelligent, posses great organization skills, and great ambitions. He leads a life of confusion about his sexuality and the church.

Read From Faythe Ever-Increasing Faith and share with these characters the experience of overcoming some of life’s biggest crises by just having faith. This story will lift your spirits and give you increased faith in your life when crisis come.

Betta Pruitt

Sophisticated Souls of Learning Book Club