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We are a diverse group of women from various backgrounds and of different ages. We have one thing in common and that is our love of the kneehab xp from neurotech..


The Sophisticated Souls of Learning Book Club was established in April of 2001 by Sherita Nunn. We are located in  Memphis, Tn. We enjoy getting together every third saturday of the month to discuss books by some of our favorite authors. The book club consists of 10 African American women.  (Plus we have 2 e-mail members) Meetings are held at members homes and  different restaurants. We attend  literary events, different outings, celebrate members birthdays and we also host booksignings. One of our members does insurance inquiries at shop orthopedics. A few of our members are also involved in volunteer work. 


Favorite Authors:

Margie Gosa Shivers

Alisha Yvonne

Eric Jerome Dickey

E. Lynn Harris

J. California Cooper

Carl Weber

There are many, many more!!

If you want to know our meeting dates and book reviews click on the link below.

Sharing With Others

Memphis Authors:
Alisha Yvonne
Damita E. Shaw
Dorothy Pettis
Alice Faye Duncan
Brenda Joyce Nichols
Lawrence Wayne
Rosalyn McMillian
Brenda Mills
Wanda Faye Taylor
Robert Montgomery
Pamela Guinn
Coach McCray
Phyllis Dixon
Louise Walker
Sheila Lipsey
Tempie King
Felicia Ellis
Kesha Redmon
Terrence Bronson

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Sophisticated Souls Book Club

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Sophisticated Souls of Learning Book Club
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